Charell Allen: I would love to finish my career here

Charell Allen: I would love to finish my career here
02-05-2016 18:01

Charell Allen was one of the main reasons Montana 2003 won the title. The ever-smiling American did her job when it matterd and helped her team defeat Haskovo 3-1 in the Finals. Here is what she had to say after winning her second gold medal in Bulgaria: 


"Haskovo came to Montana to win. Perhaps we underestimated them in the third game and we knew we had to win the next one because we didn′t want to go back in Haskovo. It would have been very difficult to go back and win again there.


I don′t know if there was any pressure on us because of that missed shot that circled twice around the rim. I just wanted to be aggressive whether it was about shooting, penetrating or finding the open teammate. I wanted to be aggressive and it worked out.


We started the season with 2-3 record so we knew we had to change something. We also knew we missed a piece after Dimana went down and we had to find it. When Monique came in January she fit in very well. In the fourth game we just needed to play good defense. In the third we didn′t and let them score 85 points and you can′t win that way. Then they scored 67 which is a big difference.


I just know that I′ll be playing one more season and then it′s done. I don′t know where - in Montana, in Bulgaria or abroad. I would love to play here again. We have to see the finances in Montana for the next season so it′s too early to say. I would love to finish my career here. When I was in Dunav I said that I don′t mind to play the rest of my career there. However things didn′t work out between me and the coach so we parted ways and here I′m in Montana helping the team winning trophies."



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