Lubomir Minchev named 16 players for national team squad

Lubomir Minchev named 16 players for national team squad
06-06-2016 12:10

The head coach of Bulgarian national tem Lubomir Minchev named a list of 16 players for the beginning of training for the Eurobasket 2017 qualifications. The preparation starts in the middle of July in Stara Zagora. There are two American players on the roster which could be naturalized. They are the best scorer of the Spanish championship Darius Adams and the center of Sigal Pristina Jason Washburn. Here is the complete list with the last teams players played for:


Stanimir Marinov (Sigal Pristina, Kosovo)

Asen Velikov (Lukoil Academic)

Darius Adams (Laboral Kutxa, Spain)

Ivan Lilov (Latina Basket, Italy)

Pavlin Ivanov (Lukoil Academic)

Hristo Zahariev (Lukoil Academic)

Chavdar Kostov (Kavala, Greece)

Nikolay Stoyanov (Rilski Sportist)

Kris Minkov (Lukoil Academic)

Alexander Yanev (Boulogne, France)

Dimitar Dimitrov (Lukoil Academic)

Alex Simeonov (Levski)

Alexander Vezenkov (Barcelona, Spain)

Stanislav Vaklinov (Beroe)

Jason Washburn (Sigal Pristina)

Velislav Galabov (Beroe)



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