Smith to attend summer camp of Toronto Raptors

Smith to attend summer camp of Toronto Raptors
13-06-2007 19:35 | Lubomir Neshev

From Lukoil Academic pressoffice announced that Dante Smith will take part in summer camp of Toronto Raptors in NBA that starts in two weeks. The player continues to maintain his from in his home town Lousville.
During the camp with Toronto Dante will be watched by the coach and the managers of the team and if they like him he will stay in the team. If they not the player who has contract with Lukoil Academic for the next season will try his luck in different team. Before coming to Bulgaria Smith played for Atlanta Hawks.
In Bulgaria he played for Lukoil Academic in 23 games averaging 16.96 points, 6.52 rebounds and 2.35 per game. Smith was vital part of the team of Lukoil Academic that did the double in Bulgaria winning the Championship and the Cup.

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