Bulgarian trio refereed the Romanian finals

Bulgarian trio refereed the Romanian finals
Bulgarian referees officiate in Romania
19-05-2007 12:46

Top Bulgarian referees were appointed for the Finals in the Romanian championship. Marin Mehandjiev, Dimitar Gologanov and Vladimir Tsekov blew the whistles in the third and the fourth game in the Finals series between BC Argesh Piteshti and CSU Asesoft Ploieshti.
The Romanian basketball federation made an official request to the Bulgarian one, to send three referees across the Danube, because Argesh Piteshti team was very disappointed with the poor refereeing in the first two matches.
In the first match the reigning champions of Asesoft Ploieshti lost at home for first time in years, and for the second one, there were many signs that the team has bribed the referees.
Argesh Piteshti lost Game 2 after many of their players were brought out with five personal fouls, and the coach was disqualified.After the loss, Argesh Piteshti team requested the Bulgarian referees and the third and fourth game proceeded with no problems.
However, Argesh Piteshti didn’t succeed in getting more victories in the series and lost it 1 – 3. That crowned Asesoft Ploieshti again champions of Romania.
Reggie Elliot, once CSKA Sofia player, made biggest impression in the Asesoft Ploieshti team. In the last, fourth game, Elliot scored 24 points and got 5 rebounds. He finished with 25 points in Game 3.

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