Bojan Vukadinovic will not stay in Balkan

Bojan Vukadinovic will not stay in Balkan
Vukadinovic will not stay in Balkan
23-09-2007 21:41

Serbian Bojan Vukadinovic will not be a part of Balkan for the upcoming season. The forward arrived in Botevgrad earlier this week but couldn’t reach agreement with the management of the club. All Serbian players from last year will not play for Balkan. Milan Bjegovic will continue his career in France, Vid Zarkovic is back in Serbia, while Vukadinovic will  try to find another team.

From Balkan didn’t like the other Serbian that was on try out period – Vladimir Vujacic. However there will be a Serbian player in the team of Gerogi Mladenov for the new season. His name is Boban Bilbija and he has open spot in the team.
The executive director of the club Petko Kolev plus the head coach Mladenov sounded optimistic at the press conference during the last week. Their goal will be better placement than the last year. However the team has only two and half weeks to fill out the roster as there is many positions are still open up.

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