A repetition of last year's final

A repetition of last year's final
Lavel Pain (CSKA)
05-10-2007 18:42

CSKA finished their participation at the qualifying tournament in Pravets with a victory beating Sliven today with 99-58. Thus the players of Rosen Barchovski took the second place and will open the national championship in a game that will be a repetition of last year’s final versus Lukoil Academic. CSKA and Sliven have already entered A-1 and the fight was only for the official paper and their position in the final standings.It seemed that CSKA wanted that victory more than their opponents and really deserved to win with a solid difference in the end. Both coaches gave chance to all of their players, especially to the reserves. With that loss, Sliven went on the third place and next Wednesday face Dunav 2007 as hosts.

Top scorer of the game was the captain of CSKA Georgi Davidov who for the 17 minutes spent on the court, scored 16 points. The young talent in the lines of “The Reds” Luben Paskov finished with 15 points as much as the American Lavel Pain. For Sliven, Nikolay Dinev also finished with 15 points.   



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