CSKA won in a real drama in Sofia

CSKA won in a real drama in Sofia
Udo scored four 3-pointers for CSKA
14-10-2007 20:05

CSKA Interlogic won their game tonight against Balkan Botevgrad with 71-70 after a real drama in the last game of the Men’s A-1 second round. It happened to be like a battle field from the same beginning of the game and it was expected having in mind the situation in both teams.

Balkan scored the last 8 points of the first quarter and it ended with the result being 18-13 in their favour. “The Reds” responded and on the half time the guests were leading only by 3 (31-34). In the beginning of the third period 11-0 series of the players of CSKA made them take the leadership and the score board was showing 42-34 for the hosts. Then, the young talent Ivan Lilov succeeded two times in a row from the 3-pointer line and tied the game again. The last quarter started with the result being 48-46 for CSKA Interlogic.

The game remained tied until the final signal. When it was 62-63, Hristo Nikolov scored for 64-63, but there was an immediate answer from Ivan Lilov who made a 3-pointer for 64-66 a minute and a half to go. 45 seconds until the end, Hadzhisotirov responded with a 3-pointer as well and made the result 67-66 for his team. A mistake in the lines of Balkan Botevgrad lead to a steal by Nikolov who dunked and gave 3 points advance of CSKA Interlogic in the last 28 seconds. Dwayne Morton was awarded 2 free throws but succeeded only in the first attempt. This time it was CSKA who made a mistake during the throw-in and Ivan Lilov grabbed that opportunity to score a basket and one. Therefore Georgi Mladenov and his guys were leading 70-69 with three seconds left. After the elder brother Lilov made a fault and CSKA had the possession of the ball in their backcourt when Ivailo Konstantinov passed the ball under their basket. There Georgi Davidov was waiting to bring the victory of its team and became the hero of the day. Everybody from CSKA Interlogic thought the game was over and even their player Krum Doychinov kicked the ball to the ceiling of  “Hristo Botev” Hall. Unfortunately, there were 0.2 seconds left on the clock. The head coach of Balkan, Georgi Mladenov wanted a technical fault to be called by the referees, but this did not happen and after their throwing-in, the time was over.  

Ivan Lilov performed marvelous, finishing with 27 points, 5 assists and 5 steals. Dwayne Morton added a double-double with his 16 points and 11 rebounds. Atanas Radev scored 14 points.
For the hosts, Lyudmil Hadzhisotirov was the one to score most – 16 points (4 three-pointers) and the captain Georgi Davidov added 15 points and 7 rebounds. After the second round, the only teams without losses are Lukoil Academic and Cherno More and the ones who could not sign a win are Balkan and Yambol. The next round is on Wednesday when CSKA Interlogic face the newly entered Sliven and the team of Balkan will have a tough task against the champion Lukoil Academic.



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