No problems for Levski against the poor defense of Cherno more

No problems for Levski against the poor defense of Cherno more
Slaveikov versus Tsenov
01-03-2008 21:35

Every time when Cherno more plays good in defense they have to be awarded by their sponsor Asen Hristov or Simeon Varchev should take them to a restaurant. After making a hint last week against CSKA that could happen with them as well, today they let Levski reach almost a three-digit score and lost by 97-90. The way Cherno more did in offence may impress the simply basketball fans, but it will not lead to big successes for the team. In the last eight games, Cherno more received a minimum of 90 points six times which means they play a terrible and irresponsible defense. And if they continue like this, the future of the team will be no pink at all no matter how frightful they are in offence.


Tonight’s game in not an exception. Cherno more let their opponents from Levski score 37 points after 10 minutes on the court and the difference was 10 points advantage for the hosts (37-26). The players of Lubomir Minchev made six three-pointers and showed their big will for final success. At the half time the result was 61-47 in favour of the “blues”.


During the second half nothing changed. In the 26th minute the difference grew up to 17 points after Vesko Veselinov scored. A kind of relaxation in the last seconds of the third made the result 75-65. 13 seconds before the final whistle, the difference was only 5 points, but the time was not enough for the guys from Varna to make something more.


For the hosts, Veselin Veselinov was the one to score most – 20 points, while else 6 players ended with more than 10 points in their count.


Two players of Cherno More finished with a double-double – Augustinas Vitas (22 points and 11 rebounds) and Simeon Tsenov (20 points and 10 rebounds). The Americans in the lines were on the average – Bryce Sheldon scored 14 points and Todd Galoway – 12 points. This game again, some of the main figures in Cherno More, such as Bogdan Boev (2 points), Plamen Aleksiev (6 points) and Vladimir Marinov (3 points) did not perform as expected and their presence on the court was somehow insignificant.






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