What's next?

What's next?
26-09-2008 21:25

What? Silence? Let’s hope it won’t be this “silence” in Bulgarian basketball.
Bulgaria qualified for the European championship in Poland after one crazy summer full with emotions. Just for an year the person Pini Gershon succeeded to inspire more than enthusiasm in the local basketball public. Because the person, not only the coach Gershon, made the whole country to follow the games of the national team. And not only because the results, but because the true wish of the 56-years old Israeli to help the basketball here as a whole.
This is what the bosses of Bulgarian federation should remember. Not only the spot at Euro 2009, not only the courageous performance of our men team on the road to Poland, but the responsibility before Pini Gershon. The strong need to run after his level and to listen the advices he gives. 
With all his moves in the last months, Pini Gershon proves, that he took to heart the challenge “Bulgaria”. Since the first day, when he signed the contract with the federation without even looking the documents, till the last for now, when he said the plans to “adopt” a young Bulgarian player.
Pini’s desire to head a local basketball academy in Sofia should start the engines of Bulgarian federation! Because after the first present – the contract of the European champion with Maccabi with our national team, now the life gives Bulgaria another chance – the intention of the experienced coach to continue his work here. 
And in order to do not waste this chance the bosses of Bulgarian basketball are obliged to use all their power to accomplish Gershon’s project. To look for help as long as possible! Because there’s no time for waiting and as we know here the promises are free, but rarely fulfilled.
Just to compare – Pini didn’t promise, but qualified Bulgaria for Euro 2009, while we still only listen how there’s going to be a new big gym in Sofia…  

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