Levski grabbed 1-0 lead against Cherno More

Levski grabbed 1-0 lead against Cherno More
Hall and Georgiev in the middle of success
16-05-2009 20:41

The joy for "the blue" fans in Hristo Botev hall was double today. The basketball team of Levski defeated Euroins Cherno More and in the same time the football team of Cherno More defeated CSKA in Varna to make a big favour for Levski in the championship.
The Cup holders had a difficult moments but managed to win 94-81 and took the lead in the 1/2 final series. The players of Levski started this game excellent but then let the visitors not only come back in it but even to have the lead for most of the second and third quarters.

Levski went ahead 24-14 just before the end of the first quarter but then allowed a 14-0 run for the visitors and they took a 24-28 lead at the start of the second. They also had the lead at the break 38-40. Then the second half started with a 9-0 run for Euroins Cherno More to give the team an 11-point lead. Then Levski started to cut the deficit little by little. Then the players of Konstantin Papazov finished the game very strong and took an important win.

Marcus Hall was the top scorer in the game with 30 points. He added also 3 assists, 2 steals and 2 rebounds. Arnas Kazlauskas recorded a double double with 12 points and 10 rebounds while Stefan Georgiev had 19 and 6.


For Euroins Cherno More the American Corey McIntosh finished with 20 points and 6 assists but also with 8 turnovers. Atila Santos scored 18 while Simeon Tsenov added 15 points.

The second game is tomorrow again in Sofia and then the two teams will travel to Varna for a game on Wednesday and eventual fourth match on Thursday.


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