Crucial win for Yambol as they finished seventh

Crucial win for Yambol as they finished seventh
16-04-2008 21:18

Yambol made the surprise of this round in the last round of regular season. They managed to defeat Levski with a point advantage, 77-76. So now after Rilski Sportist missed the chance to win Yambol took the 7th place and will play with Academic Varna in the first round of the playoffs.
The game started good for the hosts who took a 8-4 lead but then Levski made a 9-0 run and took the iniciative. And so after ten minutes the visitors were ahead 24-15.
In the second quarter both teams both teams made a mistakes, missed a lot of shots and they managed to score only 13 points for a team and went to the break with 28-37 score.
In the second half Levski continued to have an advantage and were gaining more points. The difference went up to 16 points. So at the end of the third quarter the score was 46-59.
After the start of the last quarter nobody expected what was going to happen in the final minutes. Levski continued to have a good lead but Yambol was striving to come back in the game. With four minutes to go the hosts started a 9-0 run and the difference went down to 3 with 2 minutes to go. Very strong was playing Govedarov and Vadim Reka scored important 3-pointers. The last minute started with 4 point advantage for Levski but then Yambol scored for 74-76. The visitors didn't manage to organize an attack and after the time out for Yambol Kirilo Skumatov scored a 3-pointer with five seconds to go. In the next play Levski lost the ball and gave the precious win to Yambol.
Veselin Veselinov was the best scorer for Levski with 23 points and Stefan Georgiev finished with 18 and 9 rebounds.
Stanislav Govedarov was above all as he finished with 37 points as Vadim Reka added 21 and 9 rebounds.

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