Carlos Cherry: "Djurovic has a Serbian winner mentality"

Carlos Cherry: "Djurovic has a Serbian winner mentality"
Carlos Cherry (Photo: CSKA)
01-05-2007 00:11

[b]Carlos Cherry[/b], Spanish point guard has a new life since [b]Vlado Djurovic[/b] took over the head coaching position in [b]CSKA[/b]. After spending the last 4 years with [b]Caja San Fernando[/b], [b]Cherry[/b] arrived together with [b]Thierry Zig[/b] right before the transfer deadline in February. After slow start and going through lot of emotional moments finally he stepped up and playing very well, proving that [b]CSKA[/b] made the right move by signing him. Before the Semifinal series with [b]Spartak Pleven[/b] we found him for this interview.

[b]Carlos, you are playing on different level since the new coach arrived. What happened and how the things changed around?[/b]
 [i]”Nothing happen basically, just the previous coach had a diferent view of basketball game. He didn’t want to give me more than 12-14 minutes on the court and it’s very hard to show your game for that short time. Also I have to be honest and tell you that I didn’t play any official game since May 13th, 2006, so I was out of rhythm. I’m still catching it as I still can play better. I’m sure.”[/i]
[b]What exactly Vlado Djurovic did to improve the situation in CSKA?[/b]
[i]”I like him so much, because he just want to win. He has a Serbian winner mentality, he is doing whatever takes to win the games, I love this kind of mentality. He is talking straight to the players and he is really disciplinate. I think we didn’t have this before. We were good team but without any tactic discipline before he arrived. I played for Velimir Perasovic, Croatian coach with the same mentality like Djurovic and i enjoyed so much! I love playing for Vlado Djurovic and I don’t mind if I have to play the whole my career under him.”[/i]
[b]How far do you think CSKA will go in the Playoffs and do you think CSKA has a shot to win the title?[/b]
[i]”I dont like to talk that far, I only think about the game on Thursday, game 1 from Semifinals. Than I will think about Friday’s game 2…I don’t think further than next scheduled game.”[/i]

[b]What is your opinion for Bulgarian basketball overall? [/b]
[i]”Im coming from the best league in Europe, ACB. You can’t compare this league to any other league. It’s other world, other planet! There is lot of things that need to improve here, so we have to work together and try to improve it, everybody together.”[/i]
[b]What is your favorite thing to do other than to play basketball here in Sofia?[/b]
[i]”I like to go to out to restaurants as I love bulgarian food! Other thing I like is to take a walk in downtown.”[/i]
[b]Obviously we lack of very good players at the playmaker position in Bulgaria. Despite that fact which one is the toughest one for you and it’s hard to play against?[/b]
[i]”I have to fight everyday with Dimitar Mirakovski,he is the best here. And couple of bulgarian playmakers are good as well."[/i]
[b]For the first time you are playing abroad. You started slow but now picked the right time to get into the best form. Maybe this is one of the reasons, maybe you needed more time to get used to new country?[/b]
[i]”Yes, its not easy just to come and understand the game here right away, it’s diferent than spanish style of basketball. It takes little more time. I only want to say thanks to management of CSKA for supporting me during the bad time I had. I’m just try to give my best for CSKA now.”[/i]
[b]You are born in Sevilla and played for Caja San Fernando the last four years there. How come they let you go in the middle of the season?[/b]
[i]”Ask them! I have been nominated to 10th revelation player in ACB, and this is really hard to get it with so many international players there. But the life sometimes it’s like this. Sometime you dont еvaluate what you have at home and you think anything else coming from outside is better. Then you find out how good player you had and you didn’t keep him. I’m sure they will know in the future that they made a mistake; I know they are already doing it! I never play in the team that didn’t want to renew my contract when expired.”[/i]
[b]Which player had the biggest impact of your game as there were so many good players in Spain and now as well?[/b]
[i]”Lou Roe, I play with him two years, he is amazing,he is a warrior! Darren Phillip is other player that I played couple seasons with him, he is the hardest worker I ever know. There are some other players I like, Louis Bullock, Carlos Cabezas and …many others.”[/i]
[b]Do you follow NBA and which team is your favorite to win it all?[/b]
 [i]”I don’t really wacth it, NBA is interesting only during the playoffs.”[/i]
[b]After you showed some of your abilities obviously CSKA would like to keep you for next season. Do you have any other plans for now?[/b]
 [i]”Like I said before I dont think really much further than first semifinal game in the playoffs. You have to ask about me coming back to CSKA the management of the club, I’m just a player that is trying to play as hard as I can.”[/i]
[b]Place where you will spend your vacation in the summer?[/b]
[i]”At home with my wife and my Yorkshire (dog), I miss them so much!”[/i]
 [b]Thanks Carlos and good luck in the games through the rest of the playoffs.[/b]

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