Lukoil Academic smashed CSKA

Lukoil Academic smashed CSKA
The American trio played well for Lukoil Academic
24-10-2008 20:13

CSKA's young and talented team got smacked by the reigning champ Lukoil Academic today. Actually the Students devastated Sterianopoulos' team, scoring 100 points after just 28 minutes of play. Instead of going for 140, Academic satisfied themselves with "only" a 128-87 win.
It was a really high scoring contest with a lot of attractive plays, but actually Bulgarian basketball doesn't need shows like that from now on. The "attraction" today was a result of CSKA not having a minimal opportunity to outcome even a bit their opponent. The slightly more experienced Bozov (29 y.o.) and Sakota (24 y.o.) were giving everything they had for at least not such big blowout loss.
After the first quarter it was clear what the spectators would be seeing today (including those on TV). After 10 minutes of play Lukoil had already filled up CSKA's basket with 28 points, against only 19. Tim Pickett was "killing" the reds in the first, and before the second period he already had 4/4 from 3 point land and had notched up 15 points.
Along with "Tim's show", the fans in Pravets saw "The Show of Hristo Nikolov". He made fun of the team he grew up with, as he tried quite a few ways to dunk the ball in CSKA's basket.
For CSKA it was good that in the closing quarter the home side played just for fun. Lukoil’s players also totally forgot about playing defense. Barchovski’s team took the last period 22-27, and they were close to bringing their deficit down to under 40 points.
Tim Pickett scored 27 points (5 three pointers), 5 rebounds and 4 assists, and Nikolov added 21 points (2 threes plus that whole lot of dunks), 5 boards and 5 steals. Dimitar Anguelov finished with 18, Vesko Veselinov added 12, and Kenny Adeleke stringed in 16.
For CSKA Sakota scored 20 points. Bozov was the most valuable for his team with 19 points plus 5 boards and 4 assists. The other players in the team must forget fast today’s game and look ahead, and the spectators too must hope for less games like that one in the near future.

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