Ivanov twins to try their luck in NBA Draft

Ivanov twins to try their luck in NBA Draft
Kaloyan and his brother to enter NBA draft
02-05-2007 17:15 | Gong.bg | Lubomir Neshev

The twin brothers Deyan and Kaloyan Ivanov's will try their luck in this year upcoming NBA Draft informed solobasket.com. Their agents have informed that the brothers have declared themselves eligible for the draft that will be held on June 28th in Madison Square Garden.
Deyan and Kaloyan entered in the NBA orbit after their good performance in last year's U20 European championship in Turkey. They both averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.
Kaloyan is currently playing in ViveMenorca, a team that is battling hard to stay in the top division next year. He is averaging 4.2 points in 10 minutes per game shooting also 49.2 % from the 3-point line.
Deyan signed recently for second division Drac Inca and entered the playoffs with his team. They will try to reach the top flight the next season.

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