Dimitris Diamantidis - number 1 in Europe

Dimitris Diamantidis - number 1 in Europe
Dimitris Diamantidis
10-12-2007 18:06

Dimitris Diamantidis of Panathinaikos Athens has been elected "Mister Europa 2007", by the panel of journalists of Italian weekly magazine "Superbasket".
The 27-year-old Greek combo-guard won the 32nd edition of the prestigious award, beating out Tony Parker of France and the San Antonio Spurs, Andrei Kirilenko of Russia and the Utah Jazz and 2005 winner Dirk Nowitzki of Germany and the Dallas Mavericks. In the 2006/07 season, Diamantidis won all the competitions he played in with Panathinaikos, taking home the Euroleague title, the Greek Championship and the Greek National Cup. He was selected the Euroleague Final Four MVP, was a member of All-Tournament Team and was named best defender for the third straight year. He was also the MVP of the Greek League and Best Male Athlete of the Year in Greece.

The date of the trophy-presentation will be announced in next days.

Superbasket "Mister Europa" honour roll

1976 Pierluigi Marzorati (Ita)
1997 Drazen Dalipagic (Yug)
1978 Drazen Dalipagic (Rug)
1979 Vladimir Tkachenko (USSR)
1980 Dino Meneghin (Ita)
1981 Dragan Kikanovic (Yug)
1982 Dragan Kicanovic (Yug)
1983 Dino Meneghin (Ita)
1984 Juan Antonio San Epifanio (Esp)
1985 Arvidas Sabonis (USSR)
1986 Drazen Petrovic (Yug)
1987 Nikos Galis (Gre)
1988 Sarunas Marciulonis (USSR)
1989 Vlade Divac (Yug)
1990 Toni Kukoc (Yug)
1991 Toni Kukoc (Yug)
1992 Toni Kukoc (Cro)
1993 Drazen Petrovic (Cro)
1994 Aleksandar Djordjevic (Yug)
1995 Aleksandar Djordjevic (Yug)
1996 Toni Kukoc (Cro)
1997 Arvidas Sabonis (Lit)
1998 Predrag Danilovic (Yug)
1999 Andrea Meneghin (Ita)
2000 Gregor Fucka (Ita)
2001 Predrag Stojakovic (Yug)
2002 Predrag Stojakovic (Yug)
2003 Sarunas Jasikevicius (Lit)
2004 Pau Gasol (Spa)
2005 Dirk Nowitzki (Ger)
2006 Jorge Garbajosa (Esp)

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